Unit Registration

Are you looking to join a group with like-minded peers, working together to help each other?

DVA clinic is putting together Units made up of former CAF members and First Responders who are dealing with the same types of issues.  From addictions to transition to civilian life, and a few more.

Fill out the form below to join one of these Units and meet with people like you, help your fellow Veterans, friends, and service members.

All units are led by a member of the DVA team to assist in the goals of the unit.  Once a unit is full, DVA Clinic will contact the members to set up the meeting times.


Each unit has different goals, when you join a unit be sure to let us know your goals, specific requirements/ requests and service history so we can create the best possible units for each situation.


A Unit

(Addictions -alcohol, drugs, sex, other)

T Unit

(Transition from the CAF-from combat, from op support, from other)

S Unit

(General support for various topics)