Tell us your thoughts on your DVA Clinic experience!


What people are saying:

Isabel A.- CAF Veteran


Low stress, welcoming, professional people doing their very best to help us out. I can’t wait for other clinics to open so more of my fellow brothers and sisters in arms can get the same assistance 


Gerry C. – CAF Veteran


Been going to DVA Clinic for a few months now. Acupuncture and physiotherapy, very professional and friendly staff. They set me up with several knees braces and compression socks, which I did not even know I was entitled too. I highly recommend their services to anyone who has served.


Kevin G.- 26 year CAF Veteran Retired MWO


I have been using the services at the DVA Clinic for 3 weeks now and I find the service to be excellent, and the staff that I met there to be extremely professional and friendly. It is the best for veterans, I found that they have the ability to get all my needs met in one place at one time.  The information that I have learned about what I am entitled to as a Veteran has been very helpful.  If you are a veteran and require assistance this is the place to go. I personally thank all the people there for their assistance and the care I have been given


John J. – 30 year CAF Veteran



Went for a visit today. Lots of promise and well set up. Very friendly staff. Easy to find.

Dave B.- former Cpl in 1 RCR



Stopped into the clinic for a quick minute….and in no time, was extremely impressed.

Was greeted with nothing but smiles! Immediately felt very comfortable. I was given a tour of their services, which are many!

I wish this had of been setup for me when I released 2yrs ago…and while I have managed to sort most of my stuff out alone…I still filled out an intake form for this clinic.

Very awesome service they offer and their goals of streamlining and distressing the life of veterans is very clear.

Location was great, not located in uber busy location, but still easy enough to find and access without issues.

Definitely recommend.


Cairns N.


Super friendly staff who work for you and your needs. A step in the right direction when it comes to the treatment for veterans