Crisis and Support Services

If it is an emergency call 911 immediately.

Crisis lines offer free, immediate and confidential one-on-one assistance to callers in need and usually operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are generally staffed by either paid professionals or trained volunteers. They will listen, offer support and advice, and if necessary, will try to help the caller get connected to help in his/her community.

The Crisis Line –

Our professionally trained volunteer crisis line specialists are there to answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will provide you support in a crisis and can transfer your call to the Local Crisis Team if needed.

613 722 6914

1 866 996 0991

 VAC Assistance Service

The VAC Assistance Service provides psychological support. It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


 The Distress Centre –

A 24-hr distress line primarily for adults in Ottawa (and Champlain District Mental Health Crisis Services for Eastern Ontario).

613 238 3311

Mental Health Helpline-

MHH provides free, anonymous, confidential information and referral services and supports for people experiencing mental health issues or to their families, friends, co-workers and other helping professionals. We are funded by the Government of Ontario.

1 866 531 2600


veterans-emergency-transition-servicesVeterans Emergency Transition Service (VETS)

VETS Canada is a national, volunteer-driven, nonprofit corporation. 
As service providers of Veterans Affairs Canada, we provide aid and comfort to Canadian veterans that are in crisis, are at risk of becoming homeless, or are homeless.


guitars-for-vets-logoGuitars for Vets

A program that matches veterans and still-serving members with PTSD or other service-related disabilities with a gently used guitar and online lessons/volunteer lessons where available. Putting the healing power of music in the hands of heroes.


On November 1st 2016 POE officially launched Canada’s first online business directory dedicated to promoting veteran-owned business. This provides a tangible way for patriotic Canadians to recognize and support veterans and their families beyond Remembrance Day. The Directory is searchable by province and industry sector making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Whether it’s an artisan bakery in Squamish or a web designer specializing in online optimization check out the Directory first.

In November 2017, POE created a Buy Veteran brand making it easier for Canadians to find the Directory and support veteran-owned businesses: .  For more information about the brand launch: 2017 Buy Veteran Campaign 



AVAAboriginal Veterans Autochtones

The Aboriginal Veterans Autochtones (AVA) is a nationally incorporated organization that represents the interests of Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and serving members who are of Aboriginal descent.  This fills the void left by the dissolution of the National Aboriginal Veterans Association.


Veteran Friendly Transition ProgramVFTP2EThe Veteran Friendly Transition Program (VFTP) is a not-for-profit Veteran service that supports you while you are completing your vocational rehabilitation and post service, education and training at a college, or university. Currently, if you are a Veteran student attending Willis College Canada in Ottawa and Arnprior you will be supported by the VFTP. The VFTP includes career coaching, employment counselling, Veteran peer support, education and training classes on all aspects of transition. The aim of the program is simple – provide you with a flexible and supportive Veteran-friendly learning environment that will help enable you to find gainful and meaningful employment following your service to Canada.


74 TacticalT74 

Tactical 74 is a collection of products offered by veterans.  Real, true veteran-owned, veteran run, veteran made and veteran supported products.  The spirit that drove the veteran to be successful in battle now drives us.  By shopping from our collection of veteran own and supported businesses you help make their passion come to life.  In addition, for every item purchased through Tactical 74, a donation to a veteran charity is made.

wheels for the wise Wheels for the Wise

No matter what type of medical appointment you need to get to, you can rest easy, knowing we are here to provide round-trip transportation and physical assistance every step of the way.

*Service may be covered under VAC travel benefits to medical appointments.


VTN_logo Veterans Transition Network 

Since its inception, the Veterans Transition Program has maintained the belief that soldiers are best served by other soldiers. The researchers found that many of the veterans they worked with were reluctant to participate in programs or access resources that were provided by the government or military, for fear that their information would not be kept confidential. Many veterans fear the consequences an operational-stress injury could have on their military record and future career prospects. Thus, it was important to ensure in the expansion of the VTP that this confidentiality was protected, and that though grants were sought to enable the growth of the program, the Veterans Transition Network (VTN) would remain an independent organization.

asalute_to_your_service_logo-e1517007766645 A Salute to your Service 

A Salute to Your was founded as a Directory for the exclusive use of Military personnel, Veterans and First Responders (our members).  Our directory is filled with offerings, discounts and reward programs which were previously scattered all over the internet.Our clients have come here not only to promote their businesses but also to show their appreciation and patriotism.   Our clients want to acknowledge the service and sacrifice our members have made (and are still making) for all of us.Our goal is to assist our members and their families reclaim their lives, just like I did when I took part in the Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation Program and learned web design and started this website!   We partner with and make donations to various charities and nonprofit organizations which have a focus on mental health (such as PTSD).

Lawyer Center
For over 20 years we’ve been helping families like yours connect with leading mesothelioma lawyers. There are many law firms that handle mesothelioma and asbestos cases. Choosing the right law firm for your family can be overwhelming. We clear through the confusion and help you connect with only the top lawyers nearest to you.


Programs and Centres

Funded by Veterans Affairs Canada is designed specifically to support the unique needs of medically released CAF members, medically released Veterans, released as of April 1, 2018, and their families. 

The VFP can be accessed across Canada through:

Veteran Family Program Coordinators and MFRC staff understand the adaptations your family may need to make prior to, during and after release. They’ll help you make the transition to post-service life by offering programs and services while guiding you to resources in the civilian community. To connect with a Veteran Family Program Coordinator, visit or call your local MFRC.


Operation Family Doc is a program offered by the Military Family Resource Centre-National Capital Region (MFRC-NCR) in partnership with the Academy of Medicine Ottawa (AMO) that connects Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) families with a family doctor.

All serving CAF members’ dependents and CAF members undergoing release or retirement (and their dependents) in the NCR (including Gatineau) are welcome to access this program. Medical services will be provided by family physicians in the NCR. A referral will be sent to a family doctor on behalf of the family based on the information provided on their Family Referral Form. Next, the family will be given the contact information for their new family doctor, whom they will then contact to arrange their initial appointment.


  • TPL Family and Veteran Transition Fund When serving members retire, the challenges of transition from military to civilian culture add another layer of complexity, which offers its own unique challenges. True Patriot Love recognizes that it is not only the serving member or Veteran who requires support during transition, but, rather, the entire family. The TPL Family & Veteran Transition Fund provides grants ($5,000-$50,000) to programs that support military families and Veterans experiencing a transition from a military career to a civilian career and lifestyle.


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