How DVA Clinic Works

 “How can you provide the services you do, at no cost to the clients?”

Its very simple, how does any health clinic provide services? A family doctor, for instance, they bill OHIP in Ontario.   A Chiropractor may give you the bill, you pay it and get reimbursed.  Healthcare clinics offer services, clients utilize their insurance benefits to pay for those services.  How are we different?  We bill your insurance directly for you if your plan allows it*, and work with your providers to maximize and optimize your benefits.

Occasionally, under some insurance plans, the client does have to pay up front, but it is fully covered by their insurance, we check with the client before any services are rendered to ensure they have the coverage, so there are never any surprises.

For Veterans covered through Blue Cross for example;

From the information of our intake conversation, we contact Blue Cross and Veterans Affairs to ensure you are covered for the services you need, and we gain the authorization for you,  to provide you the services.  We work within your approved benefits to optimize your treatments and take the guesswork out of it for you.

We have structured our fees in such a way so as to ensure you are never charged out-of-pocket for our services.  There will never be a time where we say you are only covered for a percentage of OUR fees.  We are in constant communication with Veterans Affairs Medical Center as well as Blue Cross to ensure that this is always the case.









In fact, our fees are below the average fees in Ontario for all the professional services we provide. We have done it this way to ensure that what is needed can be provided to the best of our abilities, and within the financial scope allocated to each of our clients.

We have made it our mandate to provide high-quality, individualized care for our clients.



*Some plans, such as the Public Service Healthcare plan, do not allow providers to bill them directly.  While others do not allow direct billing for specific services.