Transitioning from military to civilian life: the role of mastery and social support

bridge-2705973A fascinating, in-depth look at the process of transition for Military Veterans and the unique challenges facing Veterans-

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DVA joins with VETS Canada in recognition of International Women’s Day

Join us at DVA today, in recognition of International Women’s Day, VETS Canada as we search for homeless female veterans to provide donated comfort items to women and families in need, and raising awareness of female and family veteran homelessness.In-Her-Boots-2018

Psychiatric service dog handlers to get tax credit

Veteran says federal budget provides the equality he’s been seeking for years (click here to link to the CBC article)

Thai, a psychiatric service dog, helps her owner who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. (source @CBCNews)

“It helps restore my faith in the Canadian value system,” said Royal Canadian Air Force veteran Medric Cousineau, who also said his own service dog, Thai, changed his life.

Tell us what you think, what other essentials should warrant a tax credit?


Introducing DVA Clinic

In 2006 the Canadian Government introduced the New Veterans Charter in an attempt to “modernize” how Canada provides for its injured service members. Conceived in a time when Canada’s military commitments worldwide were at a low point, the new charter sought to reduce the

poppiesGovernment’s financial liability. Warfighters recognized this move as unacceptable almost immediately. Combat operations in Afghanistan would create innumerable challenges for Veterans. The outpouring of support for Canada’s soldiers was inspiring to see. However, there would be difficult times ahead for Veterans.

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