DVA Flagship Location Now Open in Ottawa!


Dignified Veteran’s Assistance Clinic is an independent*  multi-disciplinary health clinic focused on providing Canadian Veterans and other first responders with the care they deserve.

We believe that healthcare is a collaborative process and that it should be easy to receive the care you need in one place, this approach minimizes interruptions in yrawpixel-com-552391-unsplashour daily life and streamlines care.

1 Office, 1 Appointment

What does this mean?

1 Office, 1 Appointment means that we schedule our clinicians around your schedule. We don’t want you to have to drive to multiple appointments all over town, we do our best to schedule your appointments back-to-back ensuring your time is respected and you can get on with your day.  We have also affiliated with a wonderful group called Wheels for the Wise(see more about them in our resources page).  If your appointment is related to your pensioned condition, this service may be covered by VAC. Wheels for the wise will pick you up and drop you and bring you home again! No driving, no parking.

For example, if you require multiple services such as those of a physiotherapist, mental health counsellor, and a registered massage therapist, it is our goal to have you come in and receive all your services in 1 appointment.

This is in contrast with the traditional model, wherein you would have to schedule these appointments at different clinics around the city and lose more time driving back-and-forth potentially across many days.

Our team of multi-disciplinary professionals collaborates on how to most effectively use our specialties in a combined manner that will optimize your treatment plan.


We are a simplified service provider that takes the pressure and stress of our Vets and First Responders, allowing them to heal.







*Please note we are not directly affiliated with Veterans Affairs Canada (formerly known as the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)