HOH- April 24, 1915- Hall and Bellew

On this day in 1915,

Edward Bellew
Sergeant-Major Frederick William Hall (PD-Canada)

Germans pour shells and mustard gas against Canadian Army troops in the Ypres salient, but their First poison gas attack is repelled. Canadians earn two Victoria Crosses during this day in Flanders: At St-Julien, Company Sergeant-Major Frederick William Hall off the 8th Battalion, 90th Winnipeg Rifles, makes a second attempt to help a wounded man lying 15 yards from the trench, in the face of very heavy enfilade fire by the enemy, when he is killed by a bullet in the head [awarded posthumously 23 June] . Near Kerselaere,

frederick william hall
Lieutenant Edward Bellew (PD-Canada)


Lieutenant Edward Bellew of the 7th Battalion, British Columbia Regiment, is in action as battalion machine-gun officer, with two guns in action on high ground, when the enemy’s attack breaks in full force. With no reinforcements in sight, Lt. Bellew and his Sergeant Peerless decide to fight it out; Peerless is killed and Bellew wounded, yet he keeps up his fire until his ammunition fails, and he is taken prisoner. [awarded on his release from POW camp, May 15 1919]. Ypres, Belgium









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