Introducing our new blog series… ‘Honouring our History’ our first “HOH” is about Vimy Ridge

“When death reigned, and the agony of pain.” –

 Private William Perover



We would like to share a compelling account of the events that occurred on this day in 1917:

“The battle began at 5:30 am April 9, 1917, as 800 heavy guns awoke and lit up the clouds in a moment of intense silence before the thunderous roar descended on the battlefield. “The Ridge in front was wreathed in flame as the shells burst” wrote Private Lewis Duncan to his aunt Sarah. The ferocity of the barrage was unprecedented in the history of war. By the time it ended, over a million rounds had been fired, many with such deadly accuracy that the German counter batteries were silenced. Shells newly equipped with fuses that ignited on contact tore gaping holes in the barbed wire. As the first wave of 15 000 men emerged out of the tunnels, a light snow began to fall.”

To read the full article from the Canadian Encyclopedia, click here

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