Maclean’s Magazine just explained for us why DVA Clinics are a desperately needed resource for our Veterans: “The number of soldiers citing medical reasons for leaving the military is soaring”

  images-3.jpeg “The reason for the combined $800-million cash injection: the soaring number of troops exiting the CAF under what’s called “medical release” “

The needs of Canadian Veterans are evolving and expanding,  this article in Maclean’s explains both sides of the debate, but the bottom line is:

” the sheer volume of disability cases will keep the system under stress. The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBCS), which oversees administration of federal employees, gave Maclean’s a written summary of the three main factors it says are pushing up military disability claims: the average age of men and women in uniform has climbed; CAF members are more aware of mental illness than in the past; and “a greater awareness of benefits has prompted a larger number of people to seek medical release.” 

The rise of mental health claims is often chalked up to Canada’s difficult 2002-11 combat mission in Afghanistan. But TBCS says dangerous deployments— like Blaszcyk’s tough tour in Kandahar—are far from the only source of mental health risks. Even at home in Canada, military service means moving often and spending time on duty far from family. “CAF members may be exposed to numerous stressful events and be at risk of experiencing job stress at home as well,” TBCS said.”


DVA Clinics has been created to address these unique and complex needs facing Canadian Veterans today.  contact us today to find out how we can help.


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