Transitioning from military to civilian life: the role of mastery and social support

bridge-2705973A fascinating, in-depth look at the process of transition for Military Veterans and the unique challenges facing Veterans-

“Due to limited research, there is no consistently used definition of a successful transition from military to civilian life.1 Transition to civilian life can be a difficult adjustment for some individuals, particularly those experiencing psychological or physical health issues.2 Veterans have unique experiences (for example, the level of combat they have been exposed to),3 which can affect successful adjustment to civilian life. In addition to individual military experiences, research has revealed that there are many other factors that can affect the successful adjustment to civilian life, including health status (that is, psychological and physical), demographic differences, financial status (for example, post release income), and education (for example, skills that are transferable to the civilian work force).4 Accordingly, it is imperative that resources be identified to help ease the transition to civilian life.”

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“The results of this study point to the importance of personal characteristics and aspects of the social environment in the adjustment to civilian life among military veterans. As well, ensuring a successful adjustment to civilian life may lead to better outcomes, such as enhanced mastery, following transition.”

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